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Save big with rebates

Because insulation can make a huge difference to your home’s energy efficiency, there are almost always rebates available. For a job like insulating your attic at our rates, rebates often cover more than half the cost.

  • Save a significant amount of money at installation
  • Continue to save through lower energy bills

Insulation must be installed by a Program Registered Contractor to be eligible for rebates. Affordable Insulation is a Program Registered Contractor with Clean BC. Contact us for more information on how to take advantage of these rebates.

What’s your home telling you?

Signs of poor insulation in winter:

  • Walls cold to touch
  • Cold floors
  • Mold growing on walls
  • Uneven heating levels within building
  • High heating costs

Signs of poor insulation in summer:

  • High cooling costs
  • Uncomfortable hot inside temperatures
  • Mold growing in basement
  • Ineffective air conditioning system

Fortis BC & BC Hydro Rebates

Upgrade Location
R Value
Attic Insulation
$0.02 x square feet x R-value added, up to $900
Exterior Wall Cavity and Sheathing Insulation
$0.09 x square feet x R-value added, up to $1,200
Cavities R12
Sheathing R3.8
Basement and Crawlspace Insulation
$0.09 x square feet x R-value added, up to $1,200
Exposed Floor, Floor Crawlspace, Basement Header
$0.07 x square feet x R-value added, up to $1,000
Bonus Rebates
Two Upgrade Bonus
Install any two eligible upgrades within an 18 month period and you can get a $300 bonus.

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Upgrading the insulation improves your home’s energy efficiency and adds to its resale value. Contact us today for a free quote.

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